Loving rockets, NAR, and the people involved!

Loving rockets, NAR, and the people involved!

Post by Jon Dunb » Sun, 04 Sep 1994 13:48:55

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Subject: Loving all of Rocketry and its people!
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Hello Folks,

My deepest appologies are in order for the manner in which the majority
of my posts have been over these past few months.  I have been under
tremendous amounts of strain and illness that has been doing nothing but
eating away at my very soul ever since I moved to Michigan here 14 months
ago.  Since day 1 , I have suffered heavily from allergies to everything
under the sun (guess I'm one of those 1 in 6 whose MAST cells react to
everything that come near it).  Its like having the flu for 14 straight
months, and its fustrating as all hell!  I should not be taking it out
on you good people.  You logon and expect to read joyous things, not
what I have been posting lately.  Peter O., yep you were right in your
observations. I got really mad, but then I thought about what you said
and it finally suck in (although I still don't like liberal politics
in the least bit :) ).  I guess thats all I have to say, I have embarassed
myself enough.  I'll make it a point to just play it casual, and get
the illness under control.  Hey NAR is cool, and I still do like floating
mylar around the sky.  It just sucks so friggin much , when I can't
think straight enough to even put one together! ARGGGGGGG!  Well, one
of the things I'm doing after the holiday break is going back to CA
to clear up the breathing and the head.  Hey its a biggining.  Ok, well
thats it, again my deepest apologies.  

p.s.  I know this post is chalked full of errors, but I cannot correct it.
I'm logged in from home and cannot emulate vt300, sorry about that , but
I'm sure the message still gets through :)


Loving rockets, NAR, and the people involved!

Post by Ask me about Star Stare ' » Fri, 09 Sep 1994 08:50:37

Hmmm... Sounds to me like your body is reacting to the lack of SMOG it was used
to ;^)


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