Toys R Us sales

Toys R Us sales

Post by Me » Fri, 28 Nov 1997 04:00:00

You may already know this but the 3 packs in the store I went to in
Fullerton CA were not displayed. The tickets, similar to those used to
get video games, were the only thing displayed. I bought 7 packs of
B6-4's for $2.90 each. However when they went to get my C6-3's, they
were all out. This REALLY sucks since they had charged me $2.90 per pack
for those as well... Still B6-4's are the 'generic' of 18mm motors if
you ask me. Almost any MR can use them. At $2.90 a pack, it's worth
hunting for. I am gonna look at a few more stores and find them thar


> After reading messages 2 days ago about closeout deals I rushed to the local
> store.
> They had ALREADY switched everything out and only had the 6-motor packs and
> the 24-motor packs in stock.  (Too bad.)

> However, the 24-motor packs at $25.00 looked like a pretty good deal.

> The first time I bought Estes engines they were $.70 for a pack of 3.

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