Fabricating Centering Rings

Fabricating Centering Rings

Post by Bob Kapl » Sun, 19 Jul 1998 04:00:00


> I would like some advice on how to construct accurate and durable centering
> rings (1) in general, and (2) for Estes or Quest kits. I would like to stay
> away from the usual kraft paper and try some light//thin modeling ply or
> balsa- ply. I would also like some advice on extending the MMT in my yet to
> be built Quest Icarus to reduce the volume in the parachute bay. I am
> intending to alter the rocket from using (2) 12" chutes to one 18" chute and
> having both the boost section and "payload" section recover together vs the
> two-section independant mode in the kit directions. Where can I get the 18mm
> mmt stock in sufficient lengths, or is this advisable or necessary.

Search back thru DeJaNews for key words "circle cutter" or "fly cutter". I
and others have posted how to do this recently.

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