Aim For the Moon

Aim For the Moon

Post by Henry Spenc » Sun, 24 Jun 1990 02:05:43

>I think that I saw some messages in sci.military about a
>rail gun or two.  Perhaps one is in Hawaii?  Anyway, the
>idea was to be able to shoot small objects into/close to

These are proposals only; paper does not launch rockets.

>Also, the government supposedly has some (2 ?) extended
>range 16 inch guns, High Altitude R? P? (HARP) which
>can shoot 60 - 80 miles I think.  Anyway, I don't think
>this is being utilized.

HARP was a joint Canada-US research project in the 1960s.  Some of the
hardware is probably still in storage, but it's not mission-ready in any
useful sense of the word.
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