JimZ is back!

JimZ is back!

Post by James Zalews » Fri, 09 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hi All, It's been real hectik around here for a while now.

1st the holidays, then the flu, and then my system went to the great
launch pad in the sky.. :(

I've been putting togther my new system for the past week so I've been
off line. I just got all the net software back and working. I have a
few hundred E-Mails in the inbox so please be patient, I'll start
answering tonight from the oldest to the newest.

To everyone waiting for things from me in the mail, I'll start mailing
stuff tomorrow.

Also note.. KEEP BACKUPS! I do and didn't lose any plans :)

More good stuff on the way...

As always, Enjoy, Jim..