Assistance needed from ham rocketeers - May 16th

Assistance needed from ham rocketeers - May 16th

Post by Tad Danley K3T » Wed, 08 Apr 1998 04:00:00


>   I would like to set up a "real world" demonstration of satelite
> communications from the beach to points anywhere else distant, and the more
> distant the better, particularly with anyone that can conduct a rocketry/space
> related conversation with them.  The only likely window is 23:00 on 5/16 to
> 03:00 on 5/17 UTC.
>   There are requirements for the Radio merit badge in terms of contacts by
> amateur radio.  A few of these scouts are working on this also.  I would like
> to have those that are interested meet those requirements at the same time
> through this demonstration.
>   If you would like to participate, and expect that there is any voice mode
> satelite that you can operate through that will be in an appropriate path
> anywhere that overlaps you and the eastern shore of VA during that time frame,
> please contact me by email.
>   Thanks.
>                                                                        Jay


I have not been active on the birds in about a year.  Are Mode K (21 MHz uplink, 29
MHz downlink) operations possible?  If so, I would be happy to participate from the
Atlanta area.


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