Northveger slandered as "neo-Nazi white separatist"

Northveger slandered as "neo-Nazi white separatist"

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Jesus Christ has existed since the beginning of the world: this is more
impressive than all the miracles of Antichrist.

If in the same Church there should happen a miracle on the side of those in
error, men would be led into error. Schism is visible; a miracle is visible.
But schism is more a sign of error than a miracle is a sign of truth.
Therefore a miracle cannot lead into error.

But, apart from schism, error is not so obvious as a miracle is obvious.
Therefore a miracle could lead into error.

Ubi est Deus tuus?209 Miracles show Him, and are a light.

847. One of the anthems for Vespers at Christmas: Exortum est in tenebris
lumen rectis corde.[210]

848. If the compassion of God is so great that He instructs us to our
benefit, even when He hides Himself, what light ought we not to expect from
Him when He reveals Himself?

849. Will Est et non est.211 be received in faith itself as well as in
miracles? And if it is inseparable in the others...

When Saint Xavier works miracles. Saint Hilary. "Ye wretches, who oblige us
to speak of miracles."

Unjust judges, make not your own laws on the moment; judge by those which
are established, and by yourselves. Vae qui conditis leges iniquas.212

Miracles endless, false.

In order to weaken your adversaries, you disarm the whole Church.

If they say that our salvation depends upon God, they are "heretics." If
they say that they are obedient to the Pope, that is "hypocrisy." If they
are ready to subscribe to all the articles, that is not enough. If they say
that a man must not be killed for an apple, "they attack the morality of
Catholics." If miracles are done among them, it is not a sign of holiness,
and is, on the contrary a symptom of heresy.

This way in which the Church has existed is that truth has been without
dispute, or, if it has been contested, there has been the Pope, or, failing
him, there has bee