IAR Hobby Rocketry Glossary

IAR Hobby Rocketry Glossary

Post by Robyn R Simo » Tue, 15 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Click on over to IAR's web site at
and check out the new Hobby Rocketry Glossary.  The first edition, which is
what's up now, has 487 definitions from 3FNC to Zippering.  In addition to
the Glossary page, among IAR's Documents are two versions which you're
welcome to download.

The second edition is due in mid January, and between then and now I really
kinda need the help of those among you who know rocketry.  Y'see, on the
first page of the Glossary is an e-mail address for comments to show us
what's incomplete or inaccurate, and so far the IARlings who've had access
to the Glossary haven't been much help.  Therefore, either the Glossary is
already perfect in every way (something I already know isn't true) or I need
a more - shall we say opinionated? - set of editors.  So if those of you who
have been around long enough to have opinions could check it out and catch
our mistakes, I'd appreciate it.

As for those of you who are really new to the hobby, check it out!  It's
designed to cut through the jargon.

Joel Simon
IAR #166