Apollo 11 memorial launch -- Baton Rouge

Apollo 11 memorial launch -- Baton Rouge

Post by BRMut » Thu, 22 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,
  I had to send something skyward today, so here is a brief report.  I had FAA
notification in, so the Onyx was on.  The boys and I reached the normal range
at about 4:30, encountering heat, humidity and a steady breeze (7 mph or so),
but that died off later.

Launch 1:  Estes Athena, B-4  This is the normal wind checker.  Nice straight
boost, good deployment.  Looks like most of the launches will angle over the
road and float back to the clear area.

Launch 2: Estes Big Bertha, B4-4  This is the original Better Bertha, this time
with a single 18mm motor.  I forgot that the end of the motor clip that acts as
a thrust ring had broken off--  the motor ended up 3 inches inside the mount
tube.  Strange flight, didn't eject the parachute fully and it lawn darted.  No
damage, though...

Launch 3: Aerotech Cheetah, E28-7  Nice straight, fast boost on the RMS E.
Perfect deployment and it drifted right to the middle of the field.  

Launch 4:  Estes Der V3, D12-3  Finally got the nose to stay on the rocket by
adding two strips of masking tape to the shoulder.  Nice boost over the road,
landed well into the field.

Launch 5:  LOC/Precision Onyx  E23-5  Took one of Jim Turner's ignitors to get
this one going (2 bad copperheads and 1 bad one from Jim).  Nice high boost
with perfect deployment and recovery.

Launch 6:  Pratt Super Six #1, A8-3  Zipped way up, but the streamer detached,
sending the rocket down fast.  Broke off a fin.

Launch 7:  Aerotech Cheetah E28-7  Took another ignitor from Jim after a bad
copperhead.  Very straight boost with a nice recovery.  Quite high.

Launch 8:  Big Bertha  C6-5  Nice boost into the wind with a perfect
deployment.  I used some masking tape as a thrust ring this time.

Launch 9:  scratch Alpha clone  1/2A6-2  Nice little flight.  Philip recovered
it himself

Launch 10:  LOC/Precision Onyx  F40-4   Very high, loud boost.  Perfect
deployment and recovery.  Nice way to end the day.

There it is!  Thank you Apollo 11!

Fly straight and true!