LOC/Precision offering the new Chute Tamer recovery device

LOC/Precision offering the new Chute Tamer recovery device

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News Release by LOC/Precision
Tuesday, October 09, 2007

CLEVELAND, Ohio USA LOC/Precision is pleased to offer for sale the new
Chute Tamer? delay deployment recovery control.  This innovative device
allows you to achieve higher altitudes, protect your rocket, and to
recover it more reliably.

Chute Tamer's new product, available exclusively from LOC/Precision. The
Chute Tamer control allows existing single deploy, motor ejection only
rockets to realize delayed deployment of the parachute similar to more
expensive and complex dual deployment rockets.  No ematches or black
powder (other than the engine's ejection charge) are required to enjoy
reliable close to launch recovery of your existing single deployment

The Chute Tamer control's delayed parachute deployment is accomplished
by keeping the parachute folded and bound after it is ejected from the
rocket until a preset time delay ends releasing the parachute allowing
it to deploy.  The programmable electronic timer is activated at launch
by a G-switch.  The parachute is bound to the Chute Tamer control with
monofilament (fishing) line until the line is cut at timer expiration
with a heating element.  All of these components are conveniently housed
in a tough flame retardant enclosure, allowing the Chute Tamer control
to be placed in the rocket with the parachute.

The Chute Tamer control weighs 145 grams with a standard 9 volt battery
installed and requires an inside body tube diameter of 2 inches or more.
  The Chute Tamer control is easily attached to an existing rocket's
nose cone eye bolt along with the rocket's shock cord and parachute.  A
drogue parachute can also be included and left unbound for deployment at

Using the Chute Tamer control, the motor's ejection charge ejects a
bound parachute, which does not open in the fast-moving air stream.  The
bound parachute is released at a time after the opened rocket has slowed
down to a tumble, thus reducing or preventing zipper damage due to a
motor delay that is too long or too short.

The Chute Tamer control's speaker provides audible verification of the
timer's delay setting and heating element continuity.  After the Chute
Tamer control completes its operation, the speaker acts as a siren
aiding with the recovery of rockets in tall grass or other obstacles.
All Chute Tamer control functions are accessible from outside the
enclosure with the exception of changing the standard 9V battery.  The
Chute Tamer control is hand made and tested in the USA.

For more information visit: http://www.chutetamer.com/.

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