PR: New Mid-Power Starter Set from Rocket Vision

PR: New Mid-Power Starter Set from Rocket Vision

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Everett, WA - Rocket Vision is now selling a Starter Kit for mid-power
rocketry. The kit contains a Trans-Pod Launch Pad, a Veri-Fire Solo
Launch Controller, a 3' launch rod, four Flight-Star E15-7 motors, and
two Rugged-Rockets of the buyer's choice. The price for the set is
$174.95 - a 15% savings over buying the items separately. The Starter
Kit is currently being featured on the home page of the company's web

Rocket Vision's Rugged-Rockets are renowned for their toughness and
high performance. Their nonspiral phenolic airframes and G-10
fiberglass fins enable them to withstand high velocity launches and
less-than-ideal recoveries. The Mach-Buster, Rocket Vision's most
popular rocket, will break the sound barrier on an F or G motor. The
other rocket choices for the Starter Kit include the Check-Six and Spit-
Fire, both with payloads, the Solar-Venture, which has a phenolic ring
fin supported by three fiberglass struts, and the Six-Pack, which has
six phenolic tube fins. The Star-Fire, the sixth in the Rugged-Rocket
line, is not included as an option for the Starter Kit because it is
not recommended for flight on an E motor.

The unique design of the Trans-Pod enables it to function both as a
launch pad and as a launch rod carrier. Two of the three PVC legs
unscrew from the head unit then re-attach to the third leg, forming a
carrier for rods of up to 6' in  length. The Trans-Pod comes with a 12"
diameter blast plate.

The Veri-Fire Solo is the only launch controller which can detect and
report a short circuit. This 12-volt controller has recessed indicator
lights and a side-mounted momentary firing switch with audible click
feedback. It comes with an arming lock with two keys and a 30' igniter

Rocket Vision products are available only through the company's
website, and are not distributed to any hobby stores or dealers. Orders
can be placed through the web site and paid for by credit card, check
or money order, or via telephone or mail order. Rocket Vision is a
division of Impulse Aerospace, which has been providing high quality
products to the rocketry community since the release of the Quad-Pod
Heavy Duty Launch Pad in 1994.

For more information on the products listed in this release, please see
the following web pages:

Trans-Pod Launch Pad:
Veri-Fire Solo:
Flight-Star Motors:
Quad-Pod Heavy Duty Launch Pad:

For more information, please contact

Janet S. Hendrickson
Marketing Lead


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