Fixing an Estes Big Daddy

Fixing an Estes Big Daddy

Post by BB » Fri, 07 Jan 2000 04:00:00

My son give me a Big Daddy for Christmas. (maybe because I am the Dad and
I should lose some weight!!)

My deal became, my son and a neighbor son had to build it (both 9 years
old) The rocket looks great with all the Black and Yellow paint.The fins
could use a little better sanding and sealing.

They also had problems with the fins as Estes only provided the material
for two fins and they had to cut the other two out of store balsa. The
fins are on straight.

Estes also cut the decals wrong.(Estes QA was a little short on this kit)

However the boys did one thing wrong. They painted the bottom of the nose
cone black instead of covering it with masking tape. Therefore it fits
TOO tight and will not completly close on the body. So no problem,
learning curve and they sand off the paint and most of the material of
the nose cone that fits in the body. TOO much material and the bottom of
the nose cone has some holes in it. (These holes would be covered by the
body as the nose cone slides into the body of the rocket.

I really want to launch this "bad boy" as my son and his friend put a lot
of time in it and asked many questions and want to do more rockets (All
good things)


Two other things, we have 20 aches of land I have built and launched many
Aerotech and Estes rockets.

I also have another "Big Daddy" for possible repair.

Thank You,

Bill, Daniel, and Evan