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Blackhawk R&D

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Blackhawk R&D is back on the web now, we had one heck of a time when
our ISP upgraded nearly all of it equipment and connection to the
internet.  We lost WWW and Mail for about 8 days.  We are very sorry for
any inconvenience that this may have caused any of you.  If you have
sent us mail in the past few days we will not recieve it so please mail
us again.  If you still get a server not found error it is because
Network Solutions was slow in getting our ISPs update out in the first
place and your server may not have gone through it's update cycle yet,
this usually takes up to 48 hours from the time they add our DNS to the
databases, everyone should be able to contact us by Sunday at about 3-4
pm as our update went in on Friday at that time.  Thanks for your
concerns about us and thanks to the people that let others know that we
havent gone away.

Andrew Bronfein
Blackhawk R&D

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