ROL NEWS--Rocket Hunter Grand Opening

ROL NEWS--Rocket Hunter Grand Opening

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Rocket Hunter Grand Opening
July 30, 2002
Web posted at: 3:38 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- Rocket Hunter is pleased to announce it is now open for
business. As the name implies, Rocket Hunter products are aimed at making
tracking and locating a rocket as easy as possible, even in the most
difficult of conditions. The 2002 product line is made up of radio tracking
equipment including, transmitters, receivers, and antennas. The Rocket
Hunter system can track a downed rocket up to 5 miles away from the launch
site . Tracking while in the air can exceed 30 miles. Battery life on the
transmitter is over five days--almost guaranteeing rocket retrieval. Owner
Joe Mullin states, "We worked very hard to create a cost effective rocket
tracking system which was easy to use and rugged. During our first tests ,
we tracked Neil Saunders 54mm Red Baron rocket, which flew on a KBA 400 to
11,000 feet and drifted over 3.5 miles from the launch site." According to
Mullin the rocket was tracked and easily located despite the difficult
terrain surrounding the area.

Currently Rocket Hunter is offering the RHT-35 transmitter for $99. This
transmitter works in conjunction with the RHR-10 receiver which sells for
$395 and the RHA-3 Yagi antenna which sells for $105.00. Rocket Hunter is
also offering a 100 channel receiver for advanced users or as a club loaner.
The system is in stock and can be shipped overnight if needed. Details and
technical information on these products may be found on the Rocket Hunter
website at

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