LOC/Precision Demise?

LOC/Precision Demise?

Post by Barry Fowl » Sat, 15 Dec 1990 07:47:41

Relating to this subject...

I purchased a LOC/Precision Onyx a few months ago.  The first flight engine
recommended was a D12.  The thing barely flew, arced, and nearly nosed
in before the ejection charge went off.  The D-engine recommended is NOT
enough power.

Also, the parachute us MUCH too small for the load.  Opened diameter is
< 10" and it broke a fin on first flight.

I've substituted the chute with an Aerotech Chute (around 16") and use
E engines.  It flies great now and doesn't damage itself upon landing.

I wonder if LOC even tried this rocket with original chute, let alone, with
a D-engine.  The combination just doesn't work.