Launch Report LOC Onyx F25-4W

Launch Report LOC Onyx F25-4W

Post by Chris Jacobs N9V » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Well after some modifications to my LOC Onyx

30 inch X type parachute
twice the length in elastic cord
addition of eye screws in motor centering ring for retention.
2 small 1/8 inch quick links

I had a great flight.  The X chute opened nicely and droped the rocket nice
and easy to the waiting cornfield below.  This single use motor from Aerotech
worked well with this setup.  BTW launched from a Mantis launchpad with a 3/16
inch rod 4foot long.  I would suggest the mods above and the extra weight
needs a shorter delay then what is suggested  the 4 worked great.

Any comments or suggestions  what would be a comparable RMS for this flight to
be repeated (black jack preferably).