Apollo 11 SS

Apollo 11 SS

Post by Keith Parkansk » Tue, 07 Sep 1999 04:00:00

(My apologies if you already read
this but in my original post  I
used a subject line that put it
deep in a thread from 1.5 months ago.)

I hope I'm not too far off-topic
with this but yesterday I finally
set up a Web page from which you
can download my Apollo 11 screensaver
if you're interested.

I know you're not supposed to
sell anything here but it's not
for sale.  It's free.  My tribute
to the astronauts.  (I meet Aldrin,
Lovell, and Kranz in the past few
years and always felt like I wanted
to do something.)  I included some
small low-contrasting text on some
of the photos with info, dates, times
so the youngins' could learn something.
Sound clips too.