Larger motors for Ca. (and night launching)

Larger motors for Ca. (and night launching)

Post by Marcos H. Woehrma » Tue, 30 Jan 1990 11:07:30


>     D&J is located in Campbell california... no currently they only
> carry the ESTES toys...

I don't know how recent your information is but as of last week D & J
Hobby in Campbell _IS_ most definitely selling >C (D, E, & F) FSI
engines as well as AeroTech Engines (at least up to F, maybe larger).
They don't seem to be too concerned with CA laws (I asked where it was
legal to launch the F engines in the Bay Area and was told that
"anywhere was ok").  They also sell FSI kits (as well as the standard
Estes stuff).

On a slightly different note a bunch of friends and I tried night
launching for the first time last weekend.  We had been playing around
with super-bright leds and light bulbs for a couple of weeks but didn't
actually have anything finished.  So we just went out to the local
fishing supply store and bought a bunch of Cyalume Light Sticks (the
little 1.5 inch ones).  Three or four of those in a clear payload
section and we had no problem seeing the rockets (well, a little
problem).  In fact we launched a total of 8 times and didn't lose a
single rocket (using everything from 1/2A to C engines).  This is quite
impressive since normally we lose the rocket about 20% of the time (the
field we use is TOO small).  But at night, with no wind, we didn't have
any problems.  I tried taking pictures but haven't gotten the film
developed, I'm sure the light sticks won't show up, but the launch and
ejection charge should be visible.

Does anyone know of a LARGE field in the South Bay?  Some of us have
built some nice rockets which we are afraid to lose.



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