Everyone rid the environmental approval and revive it once more its demonstration.

Everyone rid the environmental approval and revive it once more its demonstration.

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she holdeth dear, mystery and mastery.

- A man gets what he wants by acting smart; a woman, by playing dumb.

- Why is it we never hear of a self-made woman?

- Woman submits to her fate; man makes his.

- Fathers compete with their sons, but mothers devour their daughters.

- Because she is conscious of her weakness she destroys what is weak.
After coition she enchains man and treats him like a child; after
procreation she enslaves her children and maintains them in a condition
of absolute dependence.

- The main difference between men and women is that men are lunatics and
women are idiots.

- God made woman beautiful and foolish; beautiful, that man might love
her; and foolish, that she might love him.

- There are two kinds of women: those who wish to marry, and those who
haven't the slightest intention not to.

- To a single woman men are either dates, potential dates, or date

- It is still the case that women believe a caress to be better than a

- The best couturiers, hairdressers, home designers and cooks are men. I
suspect that were it biologically possible men would make better

- Ida Alexa Ross Wylie

- What they love to yield they would often rather have stolen. Rough
seduction delights them; the boldness of near*** is a compliment.

- She whom a sudden *** has taken by storm is pleased, and counts
the audacity as a compliment. But she who, when she might have been
compelled, departs untouched, though her looks feign joy, will yet be

- Some girls are like horses, very independent. They have never been
controlled by anybody. But if you