Launch Report, July 12/14

Launch Report, July 12/14

Post by s.. » Thu, 25 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi folks,

here some launch report from Germany:

I went to my parents in the very south of Germany because of the confirmation
of my nephew. Of course I had some rockets in my car ;-))Since the village
where I'm from is just at the base of the mountains (Alpen), it is already at
an altitude of ~800m MSL and rockets seem to go higher there than in Berlin
at 30m MSL (sorry US people, I'm metric ;-)).

Weather was fine on both days: ~25 deg celsius and almost no wind. Some high
clouds in a deep blue sky. Just like in the picture books of Bavaria.

On Friday we (my nephew (12), his friend (12), my niece (8) and myself (34))
went to a grass field approx. 100m x 200m with some surrounding trees and set
up our launch pads.First flight was -as usual- my wind-test-rocket, the ODIN
(genuine German rocket) on an A8-3. Picture perfect flight to an unexpected
altitude (air seems thinner there). Silver plasic-bag streamer recovery about
10m from the pad.

Next was the Bandit on an A8-3. This too was a picture perfect flight with
recovery about 20m from the pad. Since this is my only rocket where I haven't
replaced the Estes plastic 'chute for something more decent, I got the
(usual) melting although wadding was the same amount as ever.

Third flight was the Bail-Out without passenger on a C6-3. Perfect flight
with heart stopping recovery 5cm next to a rock. This time again I was spared
repairing broken flimsy plastic fins....

Fourth flight was my good old Big Bertha. This rocket must near its 100th
flight now. Ok, you can see that it's no more new, but it flies and flies and
flies. Did take some core samples and got stepped over but never broke a
fin.As usual, this flight was flawless and like all flights went a bit higher
than I was habited. The bright purple parachute and the yellow body with
black fins looked really good in the sun against the deep blue sky.
Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera. Landing 20m next to the pad.

(BTW: I usually replace all that flimsy Estes plastic chutes for ones made of
bright purple fabric. When they get so crumbled thet I'm afraid they won't
open right, I just iron them and they're as good as new. At least it works
for me.)

Fifth flight was the maiden flight of my Omloid (w/o egg) on an C6-3.
Performance comparable to Bail-Out or BB. I'm wondering how high (low!) this
bird will go with the additional weight of an egg? Recovery 15m next to the
pad with one of my fabric 'chutes (the big original seemed me really too big
without the payload).

Sixth, seventh and eighth flight were the Big Bertha on C6-3s again. Flights
and colours were really good - again: too bad I forgot the camera.

The next flight is a hypothetical one because if I really would have done it
this would have been totally illegal in Germany :-((

So next (and last for this day) flight would have been my new Broadsword (Why
do they call the BB 'big' ?? :). Since there are (at the moment) no Estes D
motors available in Germany it would have been powered by a polish D18-5.
Ascend would have been great, but the the chute would have had some problems
(tangled lines) and fail to deploy. The rocket would have taken a nice core
sample of the fat soil and some grass. A part of the body tube would have
been fold inside and the paint would have been scratched and crumbled there,
but after folding out that part and after moistening it and having it dry
with the nose cone fitted overnight the bird would have been able to fly next
day again.

After that hypothetically painful experience we decided to head home and have
a nice dinner after our 'work'.


After that launch of friday I was begged by my young relatives to launch
again some rockets before I had to leave for Berlin again and I tried, but
couldn't stand their requests ;-)))))  So we went out again on Sunday. This
time we took my sister with some video gear with us and we went to a
different place which was almost in the middle of some small hills with a
small road crossing an area of about 300m x 500m of harvested grass land.
When we asked the owner whether we can use his field, he gave us the
permission only if we take his children with us who had heared us asking
about rockets and seen some of the models in the car. So our crowd growed to
about 8 people (at this moment).

After driving out to the launch place and setting up the pads the usual
sequence started:
Odin and Bandit on A8-3s to check the wind and then the bigger birds. Both
initial flights went fine with recoveries about 5m from the pad. There was no
wind at all!

Third flight was the Bail-Out on a C6-3. Picture perfect flight to quite some
altitude with recovery about 2m from the pad! Due to the good visibility of
the bright purple parachute, a car on the small road stopped and two children
with their parents joined us.

Next was the Big Bertha on a C6-3. Again a perfect flight with recovery 8m
from the pad. The next car stopped during this flight and two more children
with their dad joined us (Mum was anxious and preferred to wait in the car :).

Next flight was my nephews Omloid (w/o payload) on a C6-3 (When he saw my
Omloid on friday, he decided that he too had to have such a rocket. We went
to a local shop and they really did have one. He (12) built it during
saturday with only some minor help.) Again a perfect flight with recovery 5m
mext to the pad. He would have catched the rocket if I wouldn't have stopped
him in fear of him stepping over the rocket if he failed (happened once with
my Big Bertha). Again a car stopped but this time no one got off.

Next flight was the Bandit again, this time on a B6-4. Leaped off the pad and
got some Aah's and Ooh's. Perfect recovery on the partially molten (friday)
chute 6m from the pad.

When I next got my Bull Pup out of the box, again some Ah's on Oh's could be
heared. I still wonder why this model is such a crowd pleaser. Went up on a
B6-4 and was a really nice view: white rocket and purple chute in a blue sky.
Haven't seen the video yet, but I hope my sister got that flight. Landed
almost on the pad!

Unfortunately my nephew was so e***d with all that crowd surrounding us
that he broke a fin off his Quest Sandhawk/Terrier. So we chose to donate
that C6-3 to my BB again: perfect flight, recovery 3m next to the pad. (These
no-walk-recoveries slowly get boring :))

And now hypothetical again:
Next flight would have been the repaired Broadsword on a D18-5. This time the
flight would have been picture perfect. Slow ascend to about 150m, arcing
over and then full deployment just after apogee. Majestetic descend and
landing 4m next to the pad where some smoke is still*** around. Two cars
stopped ant the road with people getting off and watching us fron the
distance. I really should have had someone with a collection box....

Next and last flight would have been the LOC Legacy (painted white with
metallic deep purple payload section and fins) on a polish F40-5 black powder
motor. This flight would have been tremendous with all that noise, flame and
smoke! The crowd would have screamed and applauded during ascend and
deployment at about 700m (guess) altitude. First I would have thought that
something went wrong up there: Well, there would have been a parachute (black
this time), but first it wouldn't move or get bigger. It would have taken
more than 2 minutes for that bird to come down again. And the best of all: In
spite of the altitude it reached the rocket would have landed 8m next to the
pad! Wouldn't that have been great??

But this flights are pure hypothetical <twinkle>. I would have violated some
german laws in really performing them!

All in all is was a very good launch: every rocket came down without a
scratch in the very near of the spot where they left the rod (I never had
experienced that before!). A small crowd of spectators (some of them are
hooked now [Vati(Dad), can we get some rockets like that too?/Excuse me sir,
where can one buy such rockets?] :)) and all participants had a good time.
The only things missing were a collection box and a BBQ.

Have a nice day!

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Launch Report, July 12/14

Post by Mike Form » Fri, 26 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Thrilling! Stupendous! I almost said Fictitious! in reference to the
"closest to the pin" claims on the second day, but I would have been
merely Facetious! What an excellent account of the fruits of our hobby.



{Snipped one of the best launch reports to appear in r.m.r.}

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Launch Report, July 12/14

Post by s.. » Wed, 31 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hello Rocketeers,

thanks to all who sent me some nice comments to my launch report (in the
newsgroup or by PM). It is good to get some positive feedback and to know
that others enjoy reading the output one produced even if my english may be
somewhat screwed.

Especially my imaginary flights seem to have pleased you.
I'm said to have a very vivid fantasy so I'm shure I can imagine some more
hypothetical flights...  (eg. my H45 on a G40 ?)


Have a nice day!

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