RRS's Solid Propellant Course

RRS's Solid Propellant Course

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>In a couple of posts, I've mentioned that the RRS is now holding a "beginning
>solid rocket propulsion course", and that this might be someone's "best bet"
>for learning how to make their own solid fuel composite motors.

>I have not taken the couse myself, nor have I seen the course materials,
>so all these comments are pretty much based on "Ad" content...

A friend of mine took the course and was very pleased with it.   I looked at the book
given to him and it looked to be well written and comprehensive.    My only criticism
on the methods taught is that they drill out the propellant core.   Although a lot of
emphasis is put on how to do this safely and the consequences of doing it incorrectly,
I believe that a removable casting core would be a safer route to go.   Still, based on
what my friend told me about the course and reviewing the book, I would recommend

John Wickman