Tail cones on LOC Graduator

Tail cones on LOC Graduator

Post by Joel Grab » Wed, 30 Mar 1994 00:11:43

I just got my LOC Graduator kit recently, and wanted to upgrade it
somewhat with some of the neat stuff I read about here at r.m.r.
  I think I can manage putting tucks in the parachute to make it
more hemispherical,  and coming up with a "Stu Barrett" anti-zipper
piston ejection system on my own.

  The big change possible would be to slice up the body tube to make
a tail cone out of it.   I was figuring to slice triangles from between
the find slots and reassemble with additional centering rings for
strength.  I'd appreciate any comments on the following:
  1. Anyone done this before on an LOC tube, and have pointers?
  2. Should I slice between the fin slots, or just expand the fin slots?
       ie should the fins be at the new vertical tube joints, or between.
  3. Can I increase the motor tube size, in case I ever want to put in
       a bigger motor?  Whats the largest engine the LOC Grad can take?
  4. Will the decreased area, and possibly the increased mass of the
       reinforced tail cause the rocket to be unstable without bigger fins?
  5. Should I just build it as is first, then cut off the tail and substitute
       a new fin/tail/motor unit later?

and I'll summarize to rmr.

Thanks,    Joel