Using Networks (was Re: uncertified motors)

Using Networks (was Re: uncertified motors)

Post by Mark Bundi » Tue, 29 Nov 1994 23:19:53

Since I hold Curmudgeon status here at work, I wonder what I have to do to  
get it on the Net? (wink)

> While we're on the subject, though, it *does* seem unfair when the NAR
> recruits volunteers on COMPUSERVE, and much later on the internet, to
> the virtual exclusion of people without net access. The alternative of
> reference there is a condition where everyone gets an equal opportunity
> to serve, even though information is disseminated less quickly - access
> to information is as good as it can be *without* use of the net. Correct
> me if I'm wrong (as you undoubtedly will, and as I may be :) but I think
> net folks had a considerable advantage in volunteering last year.

Don't assume that because I post announcements here and on CIS for volunteers  
that I don't have lines in other waters.  I'm always fishing around in lots  
of different ponds.  I'm plugging my personal network of contacts as well in  
an effort to get more people to help out.  Some of the pending appointments I  
have out came from that channel.

BTW, the most effective "haul" from the CIS posting this fall was a flock of  
typists to help Bill Spadafora rekey and format some technical material for  
NARTS.  My efforts to get more volunteer committee chairmen didn't bear a  
whole lot of fruit, and I had to resort to other methods to get people for  
the other NAR work I needed done.

> The issue of information dissemination is always a hot one. Maybe we
> should review it some more.

Indeed, and this is part of the reason that I approach the network question  
with some decidedly mixed emotions, and understand why people on both sides  
of the electronic highway feel as they do.

I hope that our financial review in Phoenix will allow us the room in the NAR  
budget to fire up the alternate newsletter currently under development.  This  
will help those not connected to a network get better, more timely  

Having said all this however, let me warn people that I cannot frankly manage  
the NAR as well as we currently are (and there's still a LOT of work that  
needs to be done) without my access to both CIS and the Internet.  It simply  
faster, and better for me to blast out email than it is to write or call.  
Using the network allows me to get more done sooner, and I think that's  
better for NAR members out there waiting for service.

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