Estes 2002 Catalog Werkman-Square FIXED!

Estes 2002 Catalog Werkman-Square FIXED!

Post by Mark Hutchinso » Mon, 11 Mar 2002 04:44:10

Visit the alt.binaries.models.rockets group.  I've posted a fixed Estes 2002

Front page "Werkman-Square" issue fixed.

Thumbnails added and embedded.

Document opens with the thumbnails visible by default.

This version has the proper E9 charts, but the current lift-off weights.  I
think I could change them if someone gave them to me...

Estes has stated that a new, fixed version is due out, but gracefully declined
to use my repaired version.  They should have a fixed version out shortly, but
here's my version for now.

They do not know when they will have the lift-off weights fixed, but this
version is the most up-to-date, most working version.

Enjoy, and thank you Estes for giving us the .PDF of the catalog!