Good Bye Fat Boy, Hello Big Al

Good Bye Fat Boy, Hello Big Al

Post by Armando Flore » Sat, 18 Jul 1998 04:00:00

After several Fat Boy wild launches on C engines (many have posted the
wild horizontal arc problem with C's, but worked fine on B's), I gave up
on the Fat Boy.  I checked out RockSim and tried out a few extensions
and played with the software for a while.

Here is what I did.  I added a 11" BT80 extension bringing the tube
length to 19".  The Nose cone was changed to a BT80 Phoenix type (8.5"
long).  The total length is now 27 1/2".  Hello BIG AL or maybe I can
call it BIG HOG.

After the soccer field clears out, I will launch the maiden flight with
a B6-2, then try the C5's and C6's.  I do not expect to go over 200 feet
on the C's.

Please share comments and advice.  EOM

Armando Flores
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ps- Is there a geek code symbol for BAR ans rocketeers in general?