BAR waiting to happen

BAR waiting to happen

Post by Jason Thomas Hitesm » Thu, 25 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I'm coming out of lurk mode to try and find some inspiration.  Reading
this newsgroup for the last few weeks I've been slowly reminded of teh
rockets I used to fly, several of which are still in good condition.

Currently all that's left of my once semi-mighty arsenal are:

Estes moon Lander:  Tiny little thing but the only commercial kit I but
all the paint and decals on.  This little *** is sharp looking and
gives shot fun little flights.  Only had about 4 launches but is still
looks like it's never been launched from the outside.  If I can still find
my launching gear I could put this up tonight.

Orange lance:  My own design.  About three feet tall with the smallest body
tube I could fit a B engine into.  Sharp conical nosecone, and fins that
were balsa covered in model airplane plastic covering.  This baby was
painted flourscent orange which went great with it's red fins.
Unfortunatly the fins all broke off in storage and I haven't bothered to
dust off my old fin setting jig to reglue them.  

My own Partiot:  This was an all time favorite!  About three feet tall and
two inches wide.  With a gloss white body tube, Blue Rounded nosecone, Big
Red fins liekt eh Orange lance.  I also did some custom air-brush work on
the body of this one.  It is one sharp looking rocket.  Also I made my own
red nylon parachute for it.  This thing gave some impressive flights from
C's.  I was thinking of converting it to use D's but then lost interest in
rockets for a few (8) years.  Unfortunatly The fins also were broken off
and need to be replaced.  Also I'm not even sure if I still have this
model around.

Astrocam:  Well It only made it for 3 flights because two of the fins
broke off after a bad landing.  Durring a cleaning fit a few years ago I
deemed it unrepairable and only saved the nosecone.  Never did get the
film developed but it's got no chance of survival now :(   I'm thinking
that finding a new Maniac body to launch this on may just be enough to
bring me back :)

Estes UFO:  Ahh, the joy of when I had a friend who owned a hobby shop.
Got this one for $2.  Took less time to assemble than it did to launch :)
Unfortunatly I only have one of it's antanee left and I've had no luck
fashioning a new ones out of piano wire :(  Maby I'll still get it
together someday.

So there you have it.  I think I still have an old Estes Bigfoot pad in my
ba***t, and few assorted launch controllers, Including a really spiffy
homebuilt one.  But I'm not sure when I'll have time to get around to
getting involved again which brings me to my point.  Anyone in the
Cleveland Ohio area planning a launch anytime soon?  Even a small one with
just one or two rockets?  I really need the incentive to get back into the
hobby.  Of course I could stop by one the way home from work and pick up a
pack of wadding, some ignitors, and a few A engines to get the lander off
the ground..

Jason Hitesman