TRA Competition

TRA Competition

Post by Marc McCaule » Sun, 04 Dec 1994 07:40:40


>(Bruce)) writes:

>>  If you're talking drag racing, I would think that some pre-determined
>>  altitude would be the target (analogous to drag racing's 1/4 mile -
>>  "First rocket to reach X altitude after the button is hit.").  Rather
>>  than attempting to compensate for varying ignition delays, include
>>  them - just rig a launch controller to fire two pads simultaneously.
>>  This way, ignition techniques would also enter into the equation,
>>  highly favoring quick methods.

>Ed Tindell of the NASA-Houston Section ...had a dragstrip-style Christmas
>Tree arrangement...used to use a fixed theodolite at 45 degrees, a quarter
>mile back from the launcher....

>Rockets were classed by Nt-sec/gram of takeoff weight...

I think that's the perfect transition to High Power Drag Racing...the Fastest
Quarter Mile!  Truly a high impulse event, and much more in keeping with the
general attitude of HP fliers.  As Bruce mentions, ignition techniques are
one element of the strategy, propellant choice being another, not to mention
the rocket :)   Forget the N/g formula and either go with total impulse
class or even a specific motor.

The 'Christmas Tree' sounds neat, but I think most LCOs would rather be in
control themselves, which ain't all bad.

Buzzzzzzzzzz?  Wanna add it to the 'list' for February?? ;-)

Marc McCauley