Glossary of rocketry terms now at MaxThrust

Glossary of rocketry terms now at MaxThrust

Post by Craig R. Saunder » Tue, 23 Jul 2002 04:40:25

We have compiled what we believe to be the most comprehensive glossary of
terms for model rockets and high-power rocketry at MaxThrust.  Come check it
out by going to and clicking on "Glossary" in the menu on
the left.  Features include:

* Over 500 terms and definitions included.
* Related terms cross-referenced and hot-linked.
* External references also linked.
* Easy to add a new term.
* Easy to search the glossary.
* Glossary is linked into the site search.
* Images (pictures & graphics) can be included.  (We're still working on
adding these to existing definitions.)

While at, check out some of the existing functionality:

* Daily news postings from the community
* Extensive FAQ (over 170 questions and answers)
* News headlines syndicated for your web site and your PDA
* Biweekly Poll, currently "Going to a National Event this year?"
* Links to other websites

Thank you for your time and attention,
__________________ for the latest news and information regarding model
rockets and high-power rocketry!