PR-Carbon Fiber fanatics, ACT FAST!

PR-Carbon Fiber fanatics, ACT FAST!

Post by Dave Trian » Sat, 29 Jul 2000 04:00:00

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Time is running out on the opportunity to own the most advanced high
power rocket kit in existence - The carbon fiber Shadow Composites
Raven!  We have accepted 36 deposits for this special run of 50 Ravens,
and the cutoff date for placing your deposit is only 5 days away!

Please visit our website at for more


Don't miss this chance to own a very special rocket. On the mighty
Kosdon J1500, the prototype Raven has exceeded 111 g's and Mach 2.2 many

times, and has over 55 flights to it's credit! The Raven is simply the
finest high power rocket available - but it won't be available for much
longer! Real
aerospace ***s, act now! The first run of 30 Ravens was over a year
and a half ago, and it will probably be at least that long until another

run will be made.

Your 50.00 deposit will register you as the owner of a specific number
in the Raven run. After the 7/31/00 deposit cutoff, we will keep all
Raven owners apprised of the status of their Ravens, and this kit is a
custom kit, so we will accommodate any desired options. The prices for
the Raven are:

Raven (w/motor ejection only) - 219.00
Dual Deployment Module (for altimeter deployment) - 80.00
Shipping and handling - 8.00
Ca Sales tax of 7.75% for California residents

Best regards, and thanks for your support!

Dave Triano, Shadow Composites, Inc.