LOC/Percision Forte fin Question...

LOC/Percision Forte fin Question...

Post by Ron Zeppi » Fri, 01 Jun 2001 08:36:24

Fellow AHPRA member Bruce Georgeson, (AKA: Kosdon Flyer Extraordinaire)
built a LOC Graduator, basically stock...he did fillet Shish-ka-bob skewers
to either side of the fin tab on the inside of the airframe....NO
fiberglass, ANYWHERE...it's been flown more than a dozen times on Kosdon
I800's...29mm...200lbs thrust for .6 of a second. He's had to replace a few
upper pieces of the airframe due to zippers and such, but the fins have
never come out.


Ron Zeppin
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LOC/Percision Forte fin Question...

Post by Jackbear » Fri, 01 Jun 2001 10:58:20

>I am to
>the point in construction where I have to decide whether or not I
>want/should use fiberglass cloth to reinforce the external fin joints.

If you have not put on the rear centering ring yet, you can put a puddle of
epoxy on the internal fin tabs. I constructed my Forte that way, with an extra
CR for a baffle. Rocket has flown several times on an H180 and once on an I200.

Jack W. Kale, Jr. NAR #70384 Insured, Tripoli #5798 Level 2

Triple the shock cord! Use more epoxy! Always fly straight up- you need the
exercise anyway.