Estes the toy manufacturer

Estes the toy manufacturer

Post by Jerry Irvi » Sun, 27 Dec 1998 04:00:00


> > After reading this I also ran to Wal-Mart to see what they had.

> > I think RTF's have a place.  They are great starters.  They are great to
> > learn with for the beginners and if they do crash it doesn't hurt as bad,
> > because you didn't spend a bunch of time to build it yourself.

> I would like to clarify my statement about RTF rockets.  I believe they
> are a necessary segment to attract less "committed" customers, some of
> which might later transition to "committed" customers.  However the
> percentage of customers who stay committed when their first exposure is a
> kit is much higher.

> Although argueably the sheer numbers initially are lower.  I think Estes
> has found over the years that the dollars from one-time only customers are
> about equal to all of the multiple repeat customers combined.  This is a
> sad statement of affairs as compared to the 70's where things were
> essentially reversed.

Admitedly I misstated on a literal reading.  I meant to say repeat
customers were of greater importance.


> > Merry Christmas to all!

> I concur.

> Merry Jerry

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