LOC Graduator

LOC Graduator

Post by Kevin Nola » Tue, 23 May 1995 04:00:00

     Twenty-nine millimeter motors come in a wide range of lengths, which is
why thrust rings are not used in a majority of larger kits.
     Simply wrap 1/2" masking tape around the OD of the motor casing at the
nozzle end until it is equal to the OD of the motor tube. Then insert the motor
all the way in until the tape ring butts against the motor tube. Finally take
3/4" masking tape and wrap it 1-2 times around the tape-motor tube joint to
keep the motor from blowing out at ejection. You may also friction fit the
motor a bit as well with some tape in the middle of the motor.
     This method has been used successfully on motors at least as large as


> Should my LOC Graduator have come with a thrust ring or are engines just taped
> up and press fit into the engine mount? It came with a 24mm-29 mm adaptor that
> says that it should be taped up to fit the engin mount but what about 29mm
> engines? Assembly instructions are a little vague.

> Brian


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