NumbLock's Lanuch Report 9/21/97

NumbLock's Lanuch Report 9/21/97

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Weather:  55F, Calm (Dusk), Clear
Date: 9/21/97
Location: Derry Soccer and Football Field

First Flight: Scratch Built Ign'ant BG1 (Third Flight)
Motor: B4-2
This glider has been tweaked several times to get it "right".  It took off
very straight with a little spiral that I designed to keep it from arcing.
I decided to use only nose blow recovery on the pod because it is very
light.  This turned out to be a mistake as the pod and glider did not
separate at apogee.  The nose blew and well, you've seen it a hundred
times.  Conclusion:  Use the streamer...lesson learned.

Second Flight  Quest Flat Cat (First Flight)
Motor: B4-2
Wow.  If the last flight was how not to do it, this was the opposite.
Perfect in all respects.  Nice glide with no stall, separation at apogee,
loose spiral.  Almost lost this one because of the height of the flight.
Actually hit a branch of a tree on the final spiral, and tumbled safely to
the ground...whew.

Third Flight:  Scratch Built Ign'ant BG II (First Flight)
Motor: B4-2
Not bad.  The glider separated a little early probably because the pod fit
too loose. This glider is a rear winged type with some vertical stabilisers
in the back, and horizontal stabilizers in the front.  For such a low
separation, this really glided quite well, and had a longish duration.
It's wing has about twice the surface area of the Flat Cat.  I must design
a little more spiral into this one.  I would have lost it I think if it had
gone to apogee.

Fourth Flight:  Scratch Built Ign'ant BG II (Second Flight)
Motor: B4-2
Almost exactly the same as the first.  I didn't change anything because I
wanted to see if my initial suspicions about the pop pod being loose were true.

Fifth Flight:  Scratch Build Ign'ant I (Third Flight)
Motor: B4-2 (Sorry, I got a great deal on these motors at a craft store
Perfect flight.  I did have a little too much tilt on the rod (maybe 5
degrees), and so this one landed within thirty feet of the trees.  I don't
know why I tilted it so much on an almost calm day, but I figured I would
like it to land farther away from the parking lot and underestimated how
far it would go on such a small motor.

These flights were at dusk, and made for some nice boosts.

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NumbLock's Lanuch Report 9/21/97

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