LOC Forte

LOC Forte

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My Forte flies well on H180-10's.

 Triple the shock cord.

Add a third CR above the front end of the fin root tabs. Install a U shaped
motor retainer (I used 1/16" piano wire) on the MMT with epoxy and fiberglass.
Run the ends of the U through the third CR, and bend the ends out so it can't
pull out. The U should be long enough to extend past the end of the MMT, and
allow room to fit over the aft closure of the motor.

Install the MT in the tube with these two CR's, and THEN install the fins. Now
you can add an epoxy fillet (a long puddle) on the INSIDE of the body tube
covering the fin roots.  This will make the fins much more resistant to pulling
out.  Fillet the outside root edges as usual.

Cut slots in the rear CR to match the motor retainer clip, so it will have room
to spring open and allow removal and replacement of the motor. Then install the
rear CR.  The MMT should stick out about half an inch past the rear CR, so you
can tape the retainer clip down positively on the aft closure of the motor.
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