Makes you wonder about Estes

Makes you wonder about Estes

Post by Helen Rapoz » Sat, 21 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Has anybody pointed it out to Estes that for $32 one can buy a
Porta-Pad and a Electron-Beam controller or a starter set that
contains the same things plus a rocket, supplies for 2 to 3 flights
and a box to carry the stuff in?

I can't figure out why they are doing this.  One would assume
that that Porta-Pad and controller combo would be cheaper like
around $20 to $26.  Heck just the controller alone sells for


Actually I needed to buy a new controller since the ones
I have don't work well.  Last night I went to a different
hobby store and they were selling the Alpha III starter set
for a special price of $20.  Too bad the store didn't make
the Airwalker (which I don't have) starter set at the same
special price.

At least I got another range box that should replace my
beat up old one that I have been using for the last
2-1/2 years.

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Makes you wonder about Estes

Post by TMiller1 » Sun, 22 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Sorry, but business doesn't really work that way.  Look at breakfast
cereals - the bigger the box, the cheaper it is per ounce.  Look at cars -
to buy each part for a particular model would be very expensive compared
to buying the whole.

The more stuff Estes can put in a single package, the cheaper it is after
handling, etc.  In general, I think you can trust a large company to be
pricing their products with a fair profit magin.  Smaller companies can go
either way - some will say an item costs this much ALWAYS, which makes
there package deals more expensive, or they can figure in handling which
would make them cheaper.