Launch Report, Nashville, 11/24

Launch Report, Nashville, 11/24

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Here's the launch report from our launch last Sunday.

24 November, 1996

Moss-Wright Park
Sarah (6), Joshua (2) and me (~6^2)
High clouds, very light easterly breeze, about 60F

Joshua got up from his nap doing his "8-7-blastoff.  Go fly rockets," and Sarah
asked if we could go flying, so with Angie at a party, they didn't have to talk
me into it.  We got set up at the field about 4:20 CST, about 15 or 20 minutes
before sunset.  We put the launcher near a set of bleachers and used the
bleachers as our firing post.  Sarah liked being able to sit down on a seat, and
Joshua liked climbing around.

ASTROCAM (C6-7)  We flew this first to take advantage of as much sunlight as
possible.  It flew up to about 200 m,***ing a little into the wind before
tipping over and blowing the chute.  It floated down about 100 m from the pad.  
I did remember to open the shutter cover this time, so we should have gotten a
picture.  I noticed afterwards that one of the fins had a small burned spot on
the leading edge.  I guess some ejection charge settled on it and burned it.  
(Flight 3)

NIKE-SMOKE (A8-3)  We flew this with the maple and ash seed MIRV's again, and it
was pretty cool.  It flew up to about 75 m and landed about 50 m from the pad
while the seeds spun off into the distance.  Sarah did the recovery.

BIG RAGE (B6-4)  This was a nice dusk flight.  It***ed a little into the wind,
tipped over and blew the chutes just after starting down from maybe 100 m.  Both
chutes opened and Sarah made the successful recovery.  (Flight 9)

ZENITH II (A8-3)  We flew this one as a single stage with four bugs as guest
pilots.  Either these guys were more nervy than the grasshopper we flew last
time, or the extra masking tape around the nose cone worked, because it stayed
attached this time.  A nice flight up to around 150 m or so.  I watched Sarah
and Joshua while this one was on the way up (as much as I dared and not lose the
rocket), and they were both into it.  (Flight 3)

We packed up quickly and headed toward the car.  As we walked back, Joshua
noticed the full, orange moon rising through the trees---pretty cool.  Sarah
wanted to fly our kite, too, so when we got back to the parking lot we took
turns jogging around flying the kite behind us.  We had a great evening, and we
all really enjoyed the flights.

Notes:  1) I used extra wadding gently pushed back to the engine mount, and 2) I
used the soft Estes chutes and had no problems