Aim For The Moon Rocket Contest --> email list

Aim For The Moon Rocket Contest --> email list

Post by Vincent Ca » Sat, 30 Jun 1990 13:29:16

The idea of using small rockets to launch a very small payload into
space has generated enough interest that we have started a mailing list

of this list is to get together people who are interested in turning
this idea into reality.  All of the issues will be discussed (designs,
engines, safety, cost, transmitters, materials, balloons, funding,
legal issues, insurance, ...).  There are enough people on
rec.models.rockets that are only interested in the kind of rockets that
fit the legal definition of "model" that we really should move the
discussion from there to this new list.

If you are interested in this discussion please send your name and
email address to:

This name is used because Marc Ringuette already had the list sitting
around unused.  I will just be maintaining the list while Marc is out
of town.

Thanks Marc!!!!

    -- Vince