Oh, Little Onyx, We Hardly Knew Ye (Launch Report)

Oh, Little Onyx, We Hardly Knew Ye (Launch Report)

Post by Balthez » Fri, 11 Jul 1997 04:00:00

HUVARS' July meeting was preceded by a launch at their field in Hamburg,
MI, last night, 7/10. Jim Fackert, Mark Chrumka, Jim Quinn, Peter Alway,
Yitah Wu and I showed up to launch a few and admire each other's projects.
I saw some beautiful rockets! Weather was warm and sunny with a light
breeze. Mark C flew a unique (to me) 2 stager that utilized an open air
gap between the booster and sustainer. I was impressed when the sustainer
lit. I though you had to connect the boost motor and sustainer motor
either directly or with a tube. Peter flew, among others, a beautiful 30's
Russian 'retro' rocket. There were many flights including some neat odd
rocs. Unfortunately, I can't recall how many and who flew what since I was
preoccupied with getting a few of my own in the air.

First up: Quest Nike Smoke C6-5. First flight of this neat little rocket
was nominal. Straight boost, maybe 800 feet, maybee not (I'm a terrible
judge of distances), ejection just past apogee and recovered with no
damage downrange.

Next up: Launch Pad Sidewinder E11J-5. This appears to be an ideal load
for this rocket. Straight boost on a piller 'o' smoke with ejection just
past apogee. Recovery made WAY down range with no damage. 18" chute should
have been reefed or a smaller one should have been used.

Next: Estes Hawkeye on a 1/4A2. FSSSSST! Up there. A little squirrely but
recovered downrange.

Last up: My little Onyx. The second flight of the Onyx (which was built to
replace the 2.6" V2 lost at this field earlier this season) was made on a
F50T-9 generously provided by Jim Q. After some discussion, it was decided
that the field was large enough and the breeze was calm enough for this
motor. Oh, well - I don't know whether to thank Jim for the motor or what
<G>. Wrasp predicts 1150 feet for this. Field length is about 1/4 mile (I
guess). After an exciting boost and 12" chute deployment 'way up there' I
watched its decent into the tree line at the far end of the field. Must of
caught some air up there. Jim Q and I searched untill almost dark but
couldn't find it. Too bad, I really liked this rocket. Time to build
another one.

All in all, it was a great evening - thanks Huvarsians!

Bruce Kirchner