PR- Frank Kosdon PERCHLORATHON launch dates set!

PR- Frank Kosdon PERCHLORATHON launch dates set!

Post by Dave Trian » Tue, 05 Feb 2002 02:49:28

Ventura, CA

Frank Kosdon is pleased to announce the schedule for his PERCHLORATHON
launches for 2002.
Frank has set the third week of the month, each month in 2002 (except
for March, so as not to overlap the SpringFest launch) as the
PERCHLORATHON scheduled launch date. This date was chosen to provide the
opportunity for more -serious- rocketry enthusiasts to attend, and to
more clearly exhibit the attractive option: A launch without the
self-imposed encumbrances of motor certification, run safely, legally
and effectively.

Dr. Kosdon thanks you for your support, and: VOTE KOSDON FOR FREEDOM IN

For more information, please call Frank Kosdon at 805-642-1559