Anyone know the Mach 10 and Orion Body tubes sizes?

Anyone know the Mach 10 and Orion Body tubes sizes?

Post by David Buche » Wed, 05 Nov 1997 04:00:00


>I'm trying to find out what the main body tube sizes are for the old
>Centuri kits listed above.  Anyone know or can point me in the right

>Thanks in advance!


William, they are Mach 10:   1.64 or Estes BT-60 equiv and Orion: 2.04
Centuri series 20  with no Estes BT equiv.

Some interesting news for rmr'ers!  I've been away for 6 weeks and have
not logged on to rmr and have missed it.  While away I visited the
Space and Rocketry center in Huntsville and discovered finally the type
of engine that I have on my deck.  Two years back I posted a request to
the group for info on one of the rocket engines I have in my own little
"rocket garden" in my yard.  I described it.  Over the years I've carted it
to launches to show and try to ident it but to no avail.  Well in Hunstvill
e I finally figured it out!  It is a Apollo lunar descent module engine!  I
described some of its features including the numerious burn marks on the
composite lining of the combustion chamber that matched bolt holes on
the spun stainless steel shell that seemed to be from injecters of some
kind.  At Hunstville I discovered that this motor was hypergolic, restart-
able up to twenty times and produced 50,000 peak lbs of thrust!  I knew
it was something like this.  I had guessed a CM main engine because
it has the proper shape for vacume operation and the missing nozzle
bell extension, the scarf joint and bolting flange indicated very extreme
gas expansion.  Its pleasing that my guesses were so close to home!
Someday I'll put a pic of the engine up on my page and you all can see it!

Its good to be back.  While in Tennessee I went house shopping and it
seems I'll more than likely move there to Chatinooga in a couple of years
and though I'll miss the desert I'll welcome the change in rocketry
climate!   And by the way, it was AWESOME to stand under the Space
Shuttle on display at Hunstville!!!   If it was on the ground like the
Saturn V it would NOT be so overwhelming.  Standing under the main
tank and SRBs makes one feel VERY SMALL!!


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