Uncertified Motors at TRA Launches

Uncertified Motors at TRA Launches

Post by Jim McLaughli » Sat, 17 Apr 1999 04:00:00

>Jim,  Are you going to come out to the Sheridan  launch Saturday?  It >has
>years since you launched a rocket or participated.  Im glad you are >at
>participating in rocketry on-line whether it is constructive or not.
>I talked to Alex the other day and he said I should ry and encourage >you
>come out and play!

    Hey James Mc Murray  ---

You are toooooo cute.  Trying to slam a  Tripoli critic with the false
predicate accusation that the critic doesnt fly , leading to the false
(and not logically following) conclusion  that  the criticism cant be
valid.   So predictable.   So sad. So wrong.  As usual, your purported
factual recitals are wrong.  Looks like youve been talking to
Obergruppenfuhrer Sonny Thompson.  Thats his usual tactic So & So doesnt
fly, so you cant listen to him.

    If its any of your business, Ive flown  a lot in recent years.  I just
choose to fly at locations where knaves like you are not present. Also, real
groups, unlike you, fly monthly or  more often.  Sort of like the Seattle
group. But since your ignorance and arrogance  -- along with one other
fool --  lost us the site in Aloha,  we cant do that.   Now that was a real
constructive thing you did for rocketry, helping lose  us the weekend local
flying field.

Unlike you, I do prefer to do and actually do  constructive things with
rocketry.   Its kind of why I taught your sister to fly high power, and
walked her through her first staged high power  filght.

Speaking of doing constructive things for rocketry, have you ever given OREO
an accounting of the $ 900 in launch fees you collected that evaporated?
That is why Dave Connet posted here a month or so ago about setting up a
true non profit  corp and about non profit accounting issues, wasnt it?  As
of Thursday night last weekApril 8, 1999, folks are still wondering where
the club money is.  Is it constructive for rocketry for you to walk off with
the local rocket clubs funds?

Speaking of doing constructive thimgs for rocketry, I heard from a guy
looking for you. Name of Dave RushingDr. Rocketwanted to find you to talk
about a  bill.  Something about casings shipped to your company but not
paid for.....you know  anything about that? Is it constructive for rocketry
for you to stiff suppliers and distributors?

Heard from a  few other folks looking for you, too.   Something about
product ordered and paid for in advance and they were  still waiting for
delivery... you know anything about that? Is it constructive for rocketry
for you to stiff customers?

Also heard about a  29 mm motor you decided was yours and you confiscated
from someone elses rocket....you know anything about that?  Is it
constructive for rocketry for you to try to steal other hobbyistsequipment?

Also heard about you needing product to fill orders, but you had none, so
you borrowed stuff from folks on the promise that youd replace it as
soon as the order comes in.  The folks who hepled you out waited more than
a  year for replacements.   Someyhing about no product shipped to you  ....
payment issues or something....you know anything about that?  Is it
constructive for rocketry for you to borrow and not return product?

And hey, talked to the Secretary of States office in Salem today... they
are still waiting for the registration papers on Red Glare Rocket Supply,
and hoping youll get legal. But heck, its only been what, 4 years??? Is it
constructive for the hobby for you to be operating outside local state law
in the state you are in?

Cant quite figure how you are a  dealer without a  legitimate corporate
existence... wait I know, you  arent a dealer since you dont deliver paid
for product, and you dont pay for casings you order for other folks through
your company.

Tripoli ethics, hmmm.   Cant expect much else from you, or Tripoli.

Have a  nice day.

Jim McLaughlin                     These opinions are mine, mine, mine!
Portland, OR                       And not anybody elses. So there.

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Uncertified Motors at TRA Launches

Post by Redglare » Sun, 18 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Jim,  OREO voted you out  and TRA  kicked you out.  I thought they should give
you a second chance.  I know that when you were fired from your job at the
Oregon DOJ  you were having a hard time with life.  After that huge tree
slammed your house in half it must have seemed the whole world was after you.
Anyway I think if you can come out to our local launch you wouldn't be chased
Heck you can even use my booth space like in the past to put your rockets
together.  Alex still hangs with us at launches so why don't you.
It would surely give you a chance to get your mind off of things.
Sincerest Regards
James McMurray

By the way those pictures I took of you with your bud Jerry Irvine turned out
A t-shirt in the making!!


Uncertified Motors at TRA Launches

Post by Dave Conne » Wed, 21 Apr 1999 04:00:00

This round to the lawyer!

Uncertified Motors at TRA Launches

Post by John H. Cato, Jr » Wed, 21 Apr 1999 04:00:00


> Jim, ... and TRA  kicked you out.


Care to cite the procedures TRA followed and minutes (from their
'official' journal) that confirm your 'supposition'??

I think the reality was somewhat different.

-- john.