Latest Project - I wish!

Latest Project - I wish!

Post by Yitah W » Fri, 30 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Looking at the new accelerometer / altimiter Pratt has, I have this
project in mind.  I may never get around to it, bet here it is:

a 4" Upscale of the Estes Vigilante!!!!!!!!

For those who recall, this was a yellow / black, no-nonsense BT55
2-stager with swept fins.  I had one with fuzzy, unsealed balsa and
a crooked decal - I remember it fondly.  

With lightweight construction, the rocket would probably be in the 3 lb
range.  I'm trying to figure out the size in my head - I'm thinking
about 7 feet tall!

The booster would be a G80 or H128 - parachute recovery using th eengine
ejection charge.  The upper stage would be fired by the controller, then
eject a drogue at apogee.  I might use the engine ejetion charge as a
backup - theoretically you'd see a streamer at apogee, then a small
chute from the engine ejection, then at 400' the main chute would
deploy.  There would be a LOT going on.  The upper stage would probably
be a 29mm G25/G33 or similar.  I'm drooling just thinking about how this
baby would fly!!!

Just daydreaming.  Maybe.