Looking for rocketry software......

Looking for rocketry software......

Post by mark pitcher 9208 » Wed, 26 May 1993 05:59:43

        A few years ago, I put together a simple program to help me
determine what characteristics to expect from amateur rockets. By entering
details about burn rates, nozzle configurations, etc., I was able to
determine (usually within about 10%) the probable flight characteristics of
the amateur rockets.  I tested this program with data from sounding rockets
(Nike Apache, Judi-Dart, Metroc, HAD, Emma, and a few others) and got about
5% error.

        A few weeks ago, I found some more specific literature, regained
interest in the computer program, and put together a "Microsoft Windows"
application that not only gives the flight characteristics, but draws graphs
of the flight and gives "ideal" dimensions for casing sizes, nozzle shapes,

        I have since found even more detailed information on rocket flight
characteristics, and am putting together an even more elaborate program.
With the information I have now, I _should_ be able to calculate not only
the basic characteristics, but figure out how to orbit a payload on the
rocket (which is the ultimate goal of us all, isn't it?)

        I am looking for other such computer programs that I can use as a
guide, or to compare my results with.  If you know of such a program, please
email me and tell me where I can find it.  Thanks.

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