non-spray paints for rockets (non-automotive)

non-spray paints for rockets (non-automotive)

Post by Brian Elfe » Mon, 21 Aug 2000 04:00:00

What is the best non-spray paint to use on rockets?  I want something that
can be sprayed with a paint sprayer.  I used Kilz primer with a quart of
Rustoleum last time, and the paint finish has no durability at all.  The
rocket looks it lost a major fight with a cat with just one flight so far.
I need to completely strip the rocket and repaint it.

I know automotive paints would be best, but the cost is sky high, and the
warnings scare me.  The cans don't have instructions on them, and they say
not for sale to the general public.  The stuff I looked at required
primer, sealer, basecoat, and clearcoat.  The primer alone was like $55
for the two cans.  I didn't see any basecoats on display.  They were
probably behind the counter.  I'm not sure they would have sold me
anything because they would quickly realize I had no idea what I was

I'm not sure rockets have to look like they came just rolled off the
showroom floor.  One person I know who launches lots of big rockets
doesn't paint them because he says they just crash then.  If he paints
them, it is a quick coat of cheap spray paint.



non-spray paints for rockets (non-automotive)

Post by Thosz » Tue, 22 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Your friend has a good point.Every and I mean EVERY rocket that ive put through
the "showtime "paint process ended up beat to hell .The up side is that with
the use of good quality solvent based paint,you can usually restore them to
their original luster.Ive been in the refinishing business for 30+ years and I
can safely say that even in this new millinium there is still no commercially
available water based paint that can even remotely compare in durability to the
stinky stuff.Ive been suggesting the Duplacolor line of spraypaints for rocket
use and havent had anyone report bad results.Actually,the stuff that most
people use to clean their showers is alot more hazardous than common spray
paints.If you want some help with getting your rocket back in shape e- mail me
direct and ill talk you through it.Ive re-done alot of rockets that were messed
up one way or the other with paint disasters.