LOC Vulcanite and Aura - launch report

LOC Vulcanite and Aura - launch report

Post by J.P. Sha » Tue, 01 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Almost perfect weather Saturday afternoon.

LOC Aura w/ AT F25-9W (SU):
Straight boost, very fast, weathercocked slightly
into the breeze after boost.  Almost out of sight.
Apogee ejection, tangled streamer recovery.
One surface mounted fin popped off due to hard
landing.  Easily repairable.

LOC Vulcanite w/ AT G64-7W (RMS):
Straight boost, impressive, again slight
weathercocking into the breeze after boost.
Very high. Ejection after apogee, tangled chute
recovery.  Very hard landing. One fin fillet cracked
free of tube & slight tube crimp above affected fin.
Otherwise okay.  I think???

Two flights, two tangles!?!?

Any good hints out there or lessons learned
on how to keep chutes from tangling
(i.e., folding techniques, packing, types of wadding).
I'm starting into larger body tube, heavier rockets,
and could use some advise.


Pismo Beach, CA