BAR Quest Micro Maxx launch report

BAR Quest Micro Maxx launch report

Post by Chuck Stewar » Sun, 30 May 1999 04:00:00

(The kitty is mystified... It all started when he happened to be in Toy's 'R Us
looking at the model rockets section, and even helped out some parents looking
for something for their kid... He then went over to Michael's to look at their
stuff, and happened to be able to help a mother and son pick an appropriate
rocket for the son's school project...)

It's good to see so many schools actively encouraging model rocketry. I still
remember when I tried to bring up the subject at my high school... "No."

Funny thing is, building a model rocket was a required project in junior high...

(The kitty then wandered by T'R'S again... No rocket gear was budgeted for this
month while the kitty recovers from eye surgeries... So how did a Quest Micro
Maxx launch silo wind up on the kitty's desk? And more important... How did two
of the engines go missing between the store and home?)

The setup in a small park area was very straight forward, tho I was surprised
upon opening the sealed box to find that four of the little ignitor cartridges
were rolling around loose.

SR-71 and Tomahawk. Tomahawk was first up, and the puck-like Quest controller
buzzed and lighted up as I inserted the safety key, counted down, and...
(pause... nothing. After disarming the controller and a little wait I looked
over the situation and realized that I'd bent the ignitor upon insertion. A
little work with my knife and I reset the rocket upon the pad, using a more
gentle touch. Second try: I hit the button and... (pause)... Wshhhhh!

I'm airborne for the first time in over 25 years...

The Tomahawk decidedly weathercocked into the light breeze, coasted mayby 60
feet max altitude, *pop* went the ejection charge... the rocket continued on
downward... accelerating at 32 feet per second per second... perfect lawn

Upon inspection I found the streamer still coiled around the piston
half-melted... at this time I'd not read about the advisibility of cutting the
streamer short.

Next up was the SR-71... She went up on the first try and repeated the Tomahawks
performance in every detail... every detail but one... I'd forgotten about the
SR-71's advanced pavement seeking capability (code named PAVE CRASH)

Post-mortem revealed the piston and melted streamer in the main fuselage. The
nose could not be located...

So, while I did enjoy the experience greatly, I'm going to wait a little and see
how the Micro Maxx situation develops further...

But I do love the idea of a home-built micro fleet :)

(The kitty returns to planning... He glances up at little beanie kitty Nya on
his perch atop the monitor... he looks down at the little plush Ruri doll (in
her cute li'l ca*** costume) on his desk... neither one seems inclined to shed
any light on mysterious budget changes or suddenly appearing rocket silos... in
fact they don't seem to talk much at all when the kitty's around...)


Chuck Stewart
NAR (waiting :)

"Anime-style ca***s: Threat? Menace? Or just silent observers of resurgent


BAR Quest Micro Maxx launch report

Post by Lolly55 » Mon, 31 May 1999 04:00:00

(Kitty has already used two of his nine lives, only seven to go. Kitty must be
more careful in the future.)
Welcome back Chuck, I'm BAR for 6 months now and guarantee you'll be thoroughly
hooked again. I am.
Mack Yocum
NAR #14570
PS If you can remember it or find your old NAR number somewhere, just ask them
and they'll be happy to give it back to you. I did and now I have my old number
again. Vwat a country! <G>


BAR Quest Micro Maxx launch report

Post by Paul Smit » Mon, 31 May 1999 04:00:00


>Welcome back Chuck, I'm BAR for 6 months now and guarantee you'll be
>hooked again. I am.

    I started flying again last Labor Day, and am up to about 190 flights
now. Most of what I fly is clones of the old early 70s Estes kits - my
"active fleet" includes:

Aerobee 300 (2 of 'em)
Avenger (2-stager)
Beta (mini-Brute version)
Cobra (3-engine cluster)
Falcon (2 of 'em)
Farside (3-stager)
Orbital Transport (my all-time favorite)
Ranger (3-engine cluster)
V-2 (BT-55 version)

    and I also flew an Apogee, the first kit I cloned, but it didn't fare
too well, and has been rebuilt into a larger version (which flies just

It's ***ing, all right.