Very interesting UK rocketry Page

Very interesting UK rocketry Page

Post by Jonathan Dunba » Fri, 20 Dec 1996 04:00:00


Well I was surfing the net, looking for information
about the British coverage of the Balls launch, on the
BBC web site, when I came across the following link:

Its the British equivalent to the TRA home page it
seems :)  Kinda kewl!

Hey, I'm still looking for any information concerning the
TV show and its expected air date here in the US.  Also,
I found out that Discovery channel had a show about the
Pacific Rocket society and its plans to get into space.

Well, technically, I have already been there, or at least
placed a payload past %98 of the Earth's atmosphere :)
But, come next year, something wonderful is going to happen,
and thats all I will say in the matter ;}.

Ok, check out the page above, and let me know when that
***y Black Rock / Balls TV show will be airing!


p.s. Is the Balls video out yet???