HPR/LEUP survey results

HPR/LEUP survey results

Post by Bob Kapl » Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Here's the tabulation of the survey I did late last month I got 36 total

1) I have no interest in HPR:           [2]

2) I have not flown HPR because of:
        2A) Cost                        [4]
        2B) Time                        [2]
        2C) I'm not old enough          [1]
        2D) I'm not a US Citizen        [0]
        2E) Federal Regulations         [5]
        2F) No place to fly             [3]
        2G) other (explain)             [5]

3) I have flown HPR:
        3A) currently Level 1 certified [11]
        3B) currently Level 2 certified [13]
        3C) currently Level 3 certified [1]
        3D) Was certified, now lapsed   [2]

4) I have:
        4A) An LEUP                     [16]
        4B) Personal storage            [6]
        4C) Access to storage           [4]
        4D) No storage - buy onsite     [17]
        4E) Compliant storage           [2]
        4F) Attached garage variance    [1]
        4G) Other variance (explain)    [0]

5) I have no storage because:
        5A) Don't want it               [5]
        5B) Live in multi family home   [10]
        5C) Don't have garage           [7]
        5D) Don't meet distance regs    [12]
        5E) State regulations           [3]
        5F) Local regulations           [5]

6) I know the regulations for low explosives in:
        6A) My state                    [23]
        6B) My county                   [16]
        6C) My town                     [13]

What did I forget to ask?
        4h) Fly easy access only        [5]
        5g) Don't know regulations      [1]


A few conclusions:

1) Most certified fliers and LEUP holders don't have storage. While not all
were clearly identified (ok, my questions weren't perfect) only 2 identified
themselves as having compliant storage, and I was the only person to have an
attached garage variance.

2) Most HPR fliers buy onsite.

3) Most HPR fliers can't get storage because they don't live in single
family housing and/or meet the distance requirements.

4) Several people with LEUPs don't know their local regulations.

5) Several people indicated they only fly easy access to avoid the issues.

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