PR-Carbon Fiber Enthusiasts!

PR-Carbon Fiber Enthusiasts!

Post by Dave Trian » Wed, 19 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hello from Shadow Composites!

The amazing Carbon Fiber RAVEN from Shadow Composites, Inc. has been out

of production for over a year, during which time we have been polling
intrest in a second run of this very special kit. We are pleased to


We have received enough interest in another run of the remarkable RAVEN
to merit production run #2.  This is to be a numbered run (your RAVEN
be registered to you). Each RAVEN will be custom made, in a limited run
50 total kits. Multiple kits may be purchased.

We will be updating the website with all of the detail information on
the RAVEN to help you with your decision in the next few days, check in
the rockets area at for the final RAVEN specs
for this run.

The price for the RAVEN will be the same as the first run - 219.00. The
optional dual deployment module will also be the same price - 80.00.
There have been a few design upgrades to the RAVEN to enhance
performance, and these will be listed at the website in the next few

The RAVEN is simply the most advanced high power rocket on the
market......Paper, phenolic, or fiberglass, there is NO rocket than can
compete with the RAVEN, and this has been shown time and time again with

Mach 2.2, 100g+ launches on the mighty Kosdon J1500 - the nastiest 38mm.

motor out there! And the RAVEN lived to tell about it every time! The
RAVEN has over 50 flights on it, and the rocket has proven to be
virtually indestructible.

In order to bring back the RAVEN, we must proceed in a certain manner.
In order to eliminate 'lookiloos', we must insist on a non-refundable
deposit of 50.00 for each RAVEN requested. When your deposit is
received, we will notify you by standard or email as to the expected
delivery date for your RAVEN (after the 7/31/00 deposit deadline).
When your RAVEN is complete, we will ask
for the balance of your payment, and your RAVEN will be shipped out to
you when that balance is received. Expect a 3-4 week delivery time from
initial placement of order. This process is necessary, as this is a
HUGELY expensive kit to produce, and we must approach this run with
care. We will accept deposits through 7/31/00, at which time we will
whether there are enough to warrant the run. If there are not, all
will be returned immediately.

As any of our previous customers will tell you, we are among the most
reliable and trustworthy vendors in the rocketry industry, and we always

deliver what we promise. We promise this second run of the RAVEN to be a

once in a lifetime opportunity to own a very special extreme performance

rocket, the only carbon fiber rocket kit on the market, and the fastest
amatuer rocket on the planet!

you have regarding your RAVEN order, or leave your deposit at by mail-in check or

Best Regards,

Dave Triano
Shadow Composites, Inc.