Ugly L1 Didn't fly

Ugly L1 Didn't fly

Post by DrDif » Mon, 15 May 2000 04:00:00

Well I took my Tripoli Level 2 Written Test and got 25/25 and 25/25 on
safety.  Then I flew my Small Endeavour on a J350 She was finished
Fluorescent Orange.  Used a streamer and she still drifted over 2 miles
away.  Got her back and had no damage.  She was built with 12 inch long
motor tube, doubled fore and aft centering rings, I ditched the piston in
favor of a nomex chute blanket.  Was INCREDIBLE  The result  Tripoli Level2
and a grand fathered NAR Level 2 as soon as they process the paperwork.

James Dean Cory, D.C.
NAR: 75296 L-2 Tripoli: 7839 L-2
ICQ UIN: 2970685

> Howdy all,

> Went to O'berg for the first time.   Those guys put on a show!!
> LDRS will be great down there.

> I was gonna try for my L1 but didn't have enough nose weight for the
> try.   Didn't want to try it with half a caliber.  Had some good
> "suggestions" on adding more weight though.
> I'll get it right next time.

> Jeff Martin
> NAR 72777 Sr
> TRA 7937 Lvl nought
> Member Rocketry Of Central Carolina